Showbox App download for Windows Mobile: Watch live streaming Movies

showbox app

Millions of people are familiar with the app Showbox, because it is one of most popular and highly recommended free Movie streaming app among the top rated other apps. YOU can watch Movies, TV Shows, serials, Cartoons and many more on Showbox. It has unlimited video stuff and you can also download the favourite Music videos and movies for free on your Android or Windows device. Once you downloaded the Showbox app on your device, you won’t need to go in the theatre any more. You will not even need for Torrent to download your favourite Movies and TV serials.

showbox app download

From now on whenever you get bored or feeling un-happy, you can change your mode with in hour by watching lots of unique movies, TV shows, Serials and many more in the Showbox. You can search your favourite Movies, TV serials, Music Videos by typing the Artist or movie’s name on the search bar as well as you can also find out according to their genres. The user interface of the Showbox is quite excellent and easy to use. You will get updated many latest Movies, TV serials, Cartoon etc. You just need to download this Showbox app on your Windows device.

Showbox is available for all kinds of various devices, so any kind of devices you are using currently is possible to download and install it to watch limitless movies. But, I’m going to discuss about Showbox for Windows device users. There are lots of people out there likes to use the Windows device instead of Android device. If you are struggling or having an issue to downloading and installing the Showbox on your Windows device, then no need to worry anymore because you will get the steps or process to Showbox APK Download on Windows devices.

Showbox App for Windows Mobile or Device

Now the main thing is to download and install the Showbox for Windows mobile or device. but, unfortunately you can’t download or install Showbox app on the Windows mobile or device. Because Showbox app didn’t release yet for all the Windows users. Though, you won’t need to worry at all, there are many ways to watch free unlimited movies and TV Shows on your Windows mobile or device. You can go for the alternative options which will also work same as Showbox. Movie Box is also very much similar to Showbox. You will also get the same quality and limitless movies/TV Shows in Movie Box. You can also download the free movies and TV show episodes directly from Moviebox.

Windows, iOS, and Android devices are able to download the Movie Box. All you need to do is to follow the steps below to download and Install the Movie Box. Movie Box is quite similar to the Showbox that you also watch free Movies and TV Shows. Downloading Showbox For Computer is also possible so you can also enjoy the app in your pc.

Here Are the Steps or Process of how to download showbox app


  1. To install the Movie Box, you must download the Movie Box first, Click here
  2. Once you download the Movie Box from the official page given above, you need click on the “Download” button. It may take several minutes to download successfully.
  3. Now, if download process is completed, then you will see “Install” button. Just click on it. Wait for few minutes. See the image below.
  4. Once you select to install the Movie Box app, you will get particular requirements window to Install Movie Box app on the Windows mobile or device. You need to Sign In by entering in the current Microsoft’s account of your Windows mobile or device. See the image below.
  5. You need to ensure that you have entered the correct Email Address and Password which is used already for your Windows Mobile or device. It will be synchronized along with your Windows device or mobile and if you install Movie Box on your PC, so that you can watch easily without any problems.

1Box/Showbox app for Windows Mobile or device

showbox app for windows phone

1Box is another app which is also very similar to Showbox. You can watch free movies and TV serials here too. The user interface of the 1Box is very much equal to Showbox and easy to install. You can install from their official web site by searching through Google Chrome.

Once you download the 1Box app on your Windows mobile or device, follow the steps below to install 1Box on the Windows Mobile or device.

Here Are the Steps or Process


  1. Type “1Box” in the search bar and tap Go. You will see many results, just select the “1Box Windows Apps on Microsoft Store” title and Click on it. See the image below.
  2. If you scroll down a little down, you will the “Get the App”. Just Click on it and will take few minutes to fully download and install.
  3. Once you finished the installation process, you will see the “View the App”. Tap on view and start enjoy watching limitless videos on your Windows mobile or device.

Find out your favourite Music videos, Movies, TV serials and many more by typing the Artist’s name or Movie name in 1Box. You can also get your favourite Shows according to their genre type. You will get lots of latest Movies updated including TV Shows. You won’t need to load movies, you can watch without any cost on your Windows mobile or device.

If you don’t like go for those given above alternatives, then you can go for other options which you will get in the internet. No doubt, those alternatives are most popular and famous among the other Free movie streaming sites. All you need to do is to follow the basic instructions to download and install on your Windows mobile or device. Please let me know your opinion by commenting on the box below.